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Liberty's Young Leaders Council

Liberty's Community has often said that the Youth in our Community have nothing to do, nothing other than just hanging out on the streets and or staying at home playing video games.


So The Liberty Redevelopment Committee has decided to start a program that allows the Young Leaders in our community a way to create projects, events and do things for their peers that will give them something productive to do.


The idea is that our Young Leaders will work with the Town's Leaders and learn as well as create and then teach their peers what needs to be done and carry it out. We will teach them how to Budget, Plan Events, and learn how the town's infrastructure works, plus so much more!


We were given permission from the Principals at SERMS, NERMS and PG to give a presentation to the Students. Those interested were asked to go online and fill out an application. They were also told that their Parents would have to support their decision as well as they would need 2 letters of reference from School Teachers, Counselors or Community Leaders such as their Pastor, or someone other than Family who can vouch for your students Character.


We need your Student to fill out an application if they haven't already, and we would appreciate it if you would also fill out a Parent form showing your support for their desire to join and become a true Leader in our Community!


Parent Support Form for Liberty Young Leaders Council

Student Application for Liberty Young Leaders Council

Recommendation Letters

We also need Volunteer Advisors

Visit our Volunteer Application online and help out the Young Leaders become Great at what they set out to do!

Volunteer Application